New Specialty Food Factory: How Does A Temporary Boiler Rental Benefit You?

Posted on: 10 June 2015

If your new factory specializes in preparing and selling already-cooked meals, but you don't have enough funds to install a steam boiler right away, rent a temporary boiler to get you on your feet. Your temporary boiler rental can create the correct amount of culinary steam to prepare and cook your meat and vegetables entrees safely and quickly. The boiler also comes with specialized filters to prevent dangerous contaminants from entering your products as the steam leaves the boiler. Here are three benefits of using a temporary boiler for your upstart food factory.

Sits Securely Onsite

A temporary boiler can sit anywhere on your factory's property, including in the back of the factory. But you can ask your supplier to place the boiler in an area that's easily accessible by your employees and management team. 

You don't need to worry about security, as your temporary boiler rental comes with a host of security systems to keep thieves and unlawful activity out. The boiler typically features two entrances: one side door and two swinging doors in the back. All doors come with safety latches, switches and other security features. However, you may choose to place your boiler in a locked gate or confined area and have a security team monitor it throughout the day and night for added protection.

Once you decide on the location to place your temporary boiler, you can begin your food processing operations.

Provides Safe Steam for Your Products

Keeping your food products, ingredients and equipment free of contaminants is critical to the success of your new factory. To do so, rent a boiler that treats the water inside it before it leaves the equipment as culinary steam.

Using a water treatment is especially important if you use a nearby lake, groundwater, or even city water as your water source. These water sources can contain a host of minerals that create hard water in your boiler rental. Hard water consists of calcium, phosphates, rust, and numerous other contaminants, which are difficult to control without the proper precautions or methods.

Hard water minerals can also damage your boiler by creating sediment at the bottom of the equipment, as well as rust and corrosion in the tubes that transport steam to your factory. Not only do these issues slow down your daily operations, they can change the appearance and taste of products.

In order to reduce or eliminate hard water minerals completely, your boiler rental comes with water softeners. Water softeners dissolve or remove hard minerals through a number of processes, including water clarification.

Water clarification is a technique used to seek out, contain and remove hard minerals by mechanical or chemical means. Your temporary boiler may do one or both functions, depending on its brand and capabilities.

Helps You Perform Special Operations and Inspections

One of the most important features of your boiler rental is convenience and privacy. A number of boilers come with indoor stations you can use to complete maintenance checks, compile logs and other important operations that keep your factory and products safe. 

You may even have access to a small laboratory to perform chemical checks on the water and steam entering your factory. Inspecting your water and steam daily may reduce the losses you experience from poor food production.

Your specialty food factory's success can depend on manufacturing and selling safe products to the public. If the food contains the contaminants mentioned previously, your factory can suffer a number of financial losses. Having access to an onsite lab inside the temporary boiler may prevent these problems.

If you want to learn more about a temporary boiler or how to rent it, contact your supplier for more details, or click here for more information.