3 Pallet Configuration Options For Your Storage Needs

Posted on: 13 May 2016

If you are planning to use pallet racks for warehouse storage, there are a few things that you may want to consider. Since pallets can be racked or positioned in different ways, the amount of floor space and the height of the warehouse ceilings should be considered when placing your pallets. By planning the configuration of the pallets, you can maximize your storage space.  Here are a few storage configuration for pallets to help you choose the best option for your needs:

Stacking From the Floor

One of the simplest ways to configure your pallets is by simply arranging the pallets on the floor, and stacking the pallets on top of one another.

Rows of pallets can allow quick access if there is adequate space between each pallet stack. However, if the pallets are placed closely together, it can be difficult to access some of your stored items. In addition, placing pallets side by side on the floor can use a large amount of warehouse floor space, even if the pallets are stacked. Without additional equipment to help support the pallets, only a few pallets can be safely stacked  before the pallet tower becomes unstable. As a result, stacking pallets from the floor is generally not advised for storing large amounts of items in small storage spaces.

Shelving the Pallets

Metal beams that are designed to allow pallet racking can be used to organize the pallets as shelves. This particular method of storage can be advantageous, especially if your storage space has high ceilings. Due to the systematic ranking of the pallets, large amounts of items can be stored. Plus, the large metal beams add to the stability of the pallets.

Forklift-accessible Pallet Racks

Pallet racks can be arranged in a storage system that permits a forklift to access the pallets and move them as needed.

The forklift can lift a product load to a suitable level and place it towards the back of the storage area. A subsequent pallet is placed in front of it, and this pattern continues until the desired section is completed. This method is advantageous if you have forklifts available, but the use of heavy machinery can have its drawbacks.

Pallets can occasionally be damaged by the forklifts. In addition, pallets located near the rear of the storage area can be difficult to access without moving all of the pallets that are in front of it.

To determine the best pallet formation for your storage needs, contact a pallet supplier in your area like Commercial Hardware.