Custom Home Entertainment Center: 4 Ways To Use Rubber Grommets

Posted on: 17 August 2016

Tweaking and customizing a home theater system is a great way to have an ideal set-up for all types of entertainment. Whether your main purpose is to watch sports, play video games, or enjoy HD movies, there are are a number of ways to wire and connect multiple devices. As you choose your custom options, you can add stability and organization with the purchase of rubber grommets. These industrial parts feature a rubber edge with a small hole opening in the center and have a number of uses for a home entertainment center. They can be ordered as custom pieces or through a complete grommet set. Before diving into your home theater project, it's a good idea to learn how rubber grommets can be used in a variety of ways for improving the whole set up.

Entertainment Center Wire & Plug Holes

When setting up components on an entertainment center, the wires and out plugs are typically fed through hole openings on the back of the entertainment center. Keeping the wires danging and hanging through the holes can create a lot of movements and vibrations. This could eventually lead to damaged cords or tangled wires. The use of rubber grommets in this area will make it a lot easier to keep the wires stable and organized. The grommets can be installed on the back of the entertainment center and securely connect to small openings for speaker wires, video wires, or outlets. By measuring the diameter of the hole openings on the entertainment center, you can purchase grommets that fit snugly into place. The soft edges of the grommets will also protect the wires from fraying or getting cut on the edges of the entertainment center.

Wire Organization & Colored Grommets

As you set up multiple components of your entertainment center, you may find that you are dealing with ten or more different cords. Keeping these cords organized can easily be done with the use of colored grommets. By purchasing a variety of colored grommets, you can slide each one on a different cord to help keep them organized. Once you learn the colors, it will be easy to navigate the cords, switch connections, and make changes as they are needed for your entertainment center. Colored grommets can also be purchased in a variety of sizes so that you have plenty of options for all the different types of cords you are connecting.

Wall Outputs

Cable connections will often come directly from the wall. When using coaxial cables, you want to ensure that the cable pin stays stable and does not get bent or warped in any way. Adding a small grommet to the cable output on a wall can help stabilize the cable and prevent it from getting pulled or bent in the wrong direction. A grommet will add stability to the area and can also add a little extra protection if you are mounting a television to the wall. The rubber edges of the grommet can act as a cushion between the television mount and the cable so that no damage occurs.

Wired Sections

Larger grommets can create an easy way to organize groups of cables together. For example, for a wired surrounded sound system, you may have five or six different speaker cables. To help prevent tangles and messes, all of the cables can feed through a single grommet to keep them organized and help reduce the amount of space that they take up on the back of the entertainment center. A grommet that has a hold opening of at least one inch in diameter should offer plenty of space for the smaller speaker cords. If any of your components use older connections like RCA cables, then you can also organize those connections with grommets.

A custom rubber company, such as Accurate  Products Inc., can supply you with all your grommet needs. Having a large selection of grommets will help you create the most ideal home entertainment set up and allow you to adjust or make changes as needed.