Cold Rolled Steel And How It Is Used

Posted on: 26 January 2018

Cold rolled steel can be used in many ways, but the term is typically assigned two material that has been formed at much lower temperatures than traditional steel. This steel is typically shaped using pressure and can be formed into thin sheets or large structural steel pieces. Cold rolled steel is used in a variety of industries including the automotive industry, construction industry, in general manufacturing.

Cold rolled steel in construction

In buildings being constructed from steel, cold rolled steel is being used for girders and structural components from small buildings to large skyscrapers. Along with the massive girders for these buildings, cold rolled steel can also be used to form steel two-by-fours used in framing in homes, interior walls of large buildings in commercial projects, and other places lightweight but strong materials are needed. Interior walls being constructed inside commercial spaces our one place that these lightweight two by fours are being used. 

While the material is very thinly walled, the shape of the steel increases the rigidity and strength of the structural member. Once you apply drywall to the outside of the wall and fastened in place with special screws, the entire wall becomes the structural component. Working with the steel two-by-fours requires different tools than would be used on a traditional job site. Cutting the steel 2x4 requires an abrasive wheel on your saw or a special saw dedicated just for that purpose.

Automotive parts and accessories

Another place cold rolled steel is used is to form parts of your automobile. Cars, trucks, and SUVs are often constructed with outer steel panels that have been formed in large presses without the use of heat. The large press is fed a steel blank. When the press is closed, the blank will be shaped into the panel needed. Cold rolled steel can be pressed into panels as thin as one-sixteenth of an inch and sometimes thinner depending on the thickness of the blank used in the process. 

Panels that are pressed include fenders, hoods, door skins, and even floorboards. Many of the panels used to form the chassis of the car are made this way. They are welded together later on in the process to create the entire vehicle chassis.

Buying cold rolled steel

Purchasing cold rolled steel is pretty easy. Most steel or metal suppliers keep cold rolled steel in stock. The low price of cold rolled steel makes it attractive too many industries needing to build a product at a reasonable price. Check with your local metal supplier to see if cold rolled steel is available in your area.