Getting The Right Equipment To Package Your Product

Posted on: 28 April 2018

Manufacturing a product that you want to share with the world is great, but if you do not package it properly, it may never get to the consumer in one piece. There are so many ways to package a product, depending on size and as many different machines that can be used in the packaging process. You just have to decide what the best way to package your product is and then you can look for a machine to automate that part of the process.

Buying Packaging Equipment

The equipment used in packaging is not all universal, but there are some that only close and seal the boxes or envelopes once they are packed. If that is what you need, you can buy it from any number of companies online. Many of them sell these machines new and used so if you are looking to save some money, the used machine could be the best deal. There are quite a few options so calling the company selling the machines to set up a time to see the equipment would be a good idea. Sometimes you might even get a rep to come to you with the equipment, but depending on the size of it, that isn't always possible.

Packaging Systems

If you have a small product, you can find machines that will take the product from a hopper, drop it into a bag and seal the bag automatically.  Some larger items can be done this way with boxes, but the item has to be able to survive being dropped from the hopper. There are so many processes like this that can be used with the right machines that it would be easy for the vendor to set up once they see your product and packaging.

Pallet Wrappers

If you ship on pallets, a pallet wrapper is a good option as well. These machines wrap the boxes on the pallet and in a durable plastic wrap material so they can not shift off the pallet during shipping. The pallet is set on a turntable, and the operator spins the pallet, and the plastic is applied as the pallet turns. Once the wrap is complete, the pallet is removed from the wrapper and moved to the shipping area. It is fast and easy, and it is a good way to protect the boxes you are shipping out. You can get a good, used pallet wrapper to start with and upgrade later. The level of automation you need is up to you so talk to the rep from the equipment company, and maybe you can get a deal on a wrapper and some packaging equipment.

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