Purchased Some Quick Connect Couplers? 4 Industries That Use Them

Posted on: 29 June 2018

If you purchase some quick connect couplers, you may be surprised at the different industries that use these couplers. This way if you have some couplers left over, you will know who will be able to use them so you can put the couplers to good use instead of wasting money. To get started, below are four industries that that use quick connect couplers.

Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing companies often use quick connect couplers. This is because they have control lines that run in different areas on the line. Some control lines may connect to heavy machinery while other lines connect to specific hand tools used on the production line. If a tool stops working, the employee needs to replace it with a new one quickly. They can do this with quick connect couplers. If they cannot do this quickly, the entire production line would stop which means employees would get far behind.

Packaging Companies

Packaging companies, such as companies that package food that have items like milk and eggs that can easily break, use quick connect couplers. This is because it is important that the production line run smoothly. If the product line stops suddenly, this could cause break eggs and bust milk cartons. If something goes wrong and you have quick connect couplers, you could make a fast change before the line comes to a stop.

Service Companies

Service shops often use fluid and/or air lines, especially in an automotive shop. The air or fluid lines connect to a variety of tools, such as tools powered by air, also known as pneumatic tools, or hydraulic tools that use liquid.

With quick connect couples, the tools can be changed fast, such as in minutes. This allows the company to provide service for their customers much better as the employee will not have to stop to repair the tool or manually replace it.

Ground, Water, or Air Transportation Companies

Most transportation companies that transport goods via air, water, or ground, use quick couplers. For example, the trucks that drive products to the location often use air brake lines between the trailer and the truck. If the trailer needs to be changed quickly, then quick connect coupler will allow them to do this. Quick connect couplers can also connect railroad cars, as well as used to operate boats and airplanes.

Talk with a company that sells quick connect couplers, such as Kims International, and they can tell you of other ways the couplers can be used for the industry you work in.