Call A Professional Plumber If Your Septic Field Starts To Smell

Posted on: 4 October 2018

The septic tank of a home needs to collect a large amount of waste during its life. And when your septic field is running smoothly, there should be no issues with smells in your yard. Unfortunately, sharp smells of sewage may require you to contact a professional plumber to manage.

Nasty Smells May Indicate A Septic Problem

If you are in your backyard near your septic field and you notice a nasty smell – like sewage – you need to try to track it to its source right away. If you find another cause of this smell, such as somebody spreading manure on a farm, then you might not have a problem. However, a septic tank buildup will cause severe problems – such as spilled sewage – that can leak out into your field.

And when this happens, sewage will spread rapidly through your grass and start creating a very potent smell. Even worse, a backup in your septic tank system typically causes smells to rise up through your pipes and into your home. In this situation, you are going to have to trace the smell to its source. And most of the time, this source is likely a clog in your plumbing system. And while you might think that you have the skills to get rid of most clogs in your home, you should still call a professional if the clog has gotten serious enough to cause a septic tank buildup.

Why You Need Professional Help

Many people think that they can handle septic tank problems on their own. For example, they may wash baking soda and vinegar down the drain or use chemical clog cleaner to break apart these buildups. Most of the time, these fixes are just temporary. A serious drain clog, one that affects your septic tank and causes backups, cannot be handled with DIY fixes.

Instead, you need to call a professional to manage them for you. There are a few reasons that it is smart to contact pros instead of trying to do it yourself. First of all, a professional will know when to repair your septic tank and when to replace it. Just as importantly, they will make sure to do it properly so that you don't run into a backup problem again.

So if you have tried these basic unclogging techniques and they don't seem to work, it is smart to call a professional right away. These experts will figure out why your drain keeps clogging and either repair your septic tank or replace it. One or the other is likely to be necessary before the fix is finished.

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